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Kinomics defined beneficial, unique add-ons for affinity-based biosensors.

Kinomics MSK® Application Note Overview

Affinogram created by subtraction of reference flow cell 1 from active flow cell 2 (which was loaded only once before at 560 RU of captured antibody ligand), recorded at a flow rate of 100 µL using a Biacore®3000 instrument. Solid arrows indicate the start of 2 min injections of protein analyte (the first was a blank = buffer; each other step doubled in concentration). Each analyte injection was followed by a 2.5 min buffer wash (dissociation), indicated by dashed arrows. The association and dissociation steps were fitted and evaluated by means of the Kinomics MSK® program, yielding kinetics constants comparative to those found by the traditional sequential approach. - Note the time scale of the entire run of just approx. 45 min in comparison with repeated intermediate ligand re-captures (1.5 to 3 h) or a long-term equilibration titration (5 to 10 h)!
Acknowledgement: The experimental data were kindly provided by Dr Martin Lanzendoerfer and Mrs. Birgit Essig, Roche Diagnostics GmbH, Penzberg, Germany.

Biacore®3000 is a trademark of Biacore AB, Uppsala, Sweden.

Published online 03/10/2005

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